Mass spectrometer - the mass analyzer

Mass spectrometer - the mass analyzer

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The mass analyzer

The ions generated and accelerated in the ion source are separated in the mass analyzer and then registered by the detector. The decisive factor for the separation is the mass / charge ratio of the ions. This quantity is therefore always found on the abscissa of mass spectra.

The separation of the ions is based on various physical principles:

  1. Deflection of ion beams in electric or magnetic fields (sector field devices)
  2. Filtering of ions of different mass in alternating electrical fields (mass filter quadrupole, ion trap, cyclotron resonance analyzer)
  3. on the different flight times of ions in field-free space (time-of-flight analyzers)

Several analyzers can be connected in series for special measurements. This results in either high-resolution sector field devices with which the mass of selected ions can be determined with high accuracy, or tandem mass spectrometers, which play an important role in structure elucidation.

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