Periodic table of the elements

Periodic table of the elements

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Eu (Europium)

Tab. 1
Name of the element:Europium
Latin name:Europium
English name:Europium
French name:Europium
Atomic number:63
Condition at 25 ° C:solid, metal
Frequency (in ppm):2.1
Discovered by:Demarçay (1901)
Electron configuration:[Xe]4f76s2
Oxidation states:+2, +3
Relative atomic mass:151.97
Electronegativity:1.01 (Allred)
Atomic radius (in pm):204.2
Ionization energy (in eVatom-1):5.67
Density (in kgm-3):5243
Melting temperature (in K):1095
Boiling temperature (in K):1870
Tab. 2
Isotopes of europium
Mass numberAtomic massFrequency /%Nuclear spin

* Isotope is not stable and decays

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