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Area of ​​Expertise - Electrochemistry

A voltmeter is a voltage measuring instrument. Ohm's law allows galvanometers to be used not only for measuring current, but also for measuring voltage.

The measuring process should be influenced as little as possible by a voltmeter, which is why a device parallel to the section of the main circuit to be measured must be applied to measure the voltage drop between two points. The self-resistanceR.Gof the measuring device should be large against the resistanceR.between the two measuring points so as not to change the voltage significantly.

Devices are used as voltmeters whose measuring principle is based on the effects of forces that generate conductor loops and coils when current flows in a magnetic field (Lorentz force, electromagnetic induction). These devices are commonly referred to as galvanometers.

Learning units in which the term is dealt with

The electrical resistance60 min.

PhysicsElectricityElectric circuit

In this learning section, electrical resistance and Ohm's law are demonstrated by means of experiments. In addition, the series connection and the parallel connection of resistors are dealt with intensively and explained on the basis of many applications such as series resistor, voltage divider and voltmeter. In addition, Kirchhoff's rules are introduced. What has been learned should be practiced with some JPAKMA projects. Then the specific resistance is clearly derived. The Wheatstone bridge and the internal resistance of a rechargeable battery or a battery are intended to support the previously treated. Finally, the electrical energy and the electrical power are explained and their application to electrical circuits is shown.

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